Biodynamics and Demeter

Demeter is the oldest and today the only global organic association. The guidelines of biodynamic agriculture are considered to be the most comprehensive and strictest in the world. They are based on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical world view and his suggestions for a way of life.
Agriculture for more than 100 years. Demeter is about people and their relationship to the soil, plants and animals and their relationship to themselves. Demeter is a way and an attitude for living diversity with depth.

In biodynamics, the circular economy is the key to the sustainable use of climate, soil, water, air, biodiversity and energy resources. The farm is seen as an individual living being, it should produce everything it needs from within itself, without needing anything from outside. The floor is the treasure chest. In order to promote vitality, more is given back than is taken away. The biodynamic preparations are a central theme here and ensure that the humus layer grows continuously. Researching, respecting and carefully cultivating nature, refining its fruits with love – this is how biodynamic quality is created.

The vineyard

Our vineyard is a natural biotope, a living organism. Various grasses, flowers, herbs and deep-rooted plants thrive alongside the vines. These provide a habitat for an incredible diversity of species. From microorganisms to insects and birds. They all have their task and justification. Whether beneficial insects or pests, if you create the right conditions for a balance, nature will take care of many things by itself.

We don’t need systemic, synthetic sprays or herbicides. Our approach of strengthening the vines rather than fighting disease is achieved through an ecosystem with a living, rooted soil. This regulates the water balance, ensures a variety of microorganisms and a balanced vine. Instead of heavy tractors, sheep and chickens help us to keep the grasses short, and they also ensure a steady build-up of humus.

We fertilize exclusively with our own compost from pomace and the manure from our donkeys and goats.

The wine cellar

The grapes are harvested by hand and brought to the cellar unadulterated.

With the same attentiveness, winemaking is reduced to the bare essentials – accompanying instead of producing! Fermentation is allowed to start spontaneously, we don’t want to push or bend it anywhere. Nothing is added or taken away, no embellishments – no pimping. This allows the spectrum of aromas from the location and vintage to unfold optimally in the wine. With plenty of time and good music, the wines are allowed to mature on the fine lees until they have clarified themselves. These are then filled using gravity, without filtration or the addition of sulphur. This results in very long-lasting and lively wines with drinking flow and character.

The animals and us

Our animals are a central part of our winery. With them, we are part of a living agriculture that is based on the principles of biodynamics and sustainability. They have supported, strengthened and grounded us since the start of our journey, which began in 2010. Donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, cats and the vineyard dog Curtis accompany us in our desire to produce food in a special way. Armin Kienesberger – Biodynamic viticulture is above all a family business in which shared values and love take center stage. Our two children not only share our passion for nature, good food and drink, they also help us with the fascination of winemaking whenever they are needed. One for all, all for one!