Our enthusiasm is to run a winery on a scale where it is possible to design every step of the process ourselves. We are not interested in producing lots of boring wines quickly. We want vibrant wines that tell stories and convey emotions and bear our signature. We are guided by a basic attitude that is both the philosophy and the foundation of our winery: SLOW MADE, LOW TEC, HAND MADE. At a time when food is being produced more and more rationally and mechanically, we are consciously trying to bring back the human factor. This results in special wines that reflect all facets of the terroir and the people behind them. Since the beginning of our journey into agriculture, we have cultivated our land according to biodynamic guidelines. Our entire farm has been certified organic and Demeter since 2018.


On our 2 hectare vineyard in Schlüßlberg near Grieskirchen (Upper Austria), with a gradient of up to 40%, we cultivate vines of the varieties Müller Thurgau, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Grüner Veltliner, Blauer Zweigelt and Pinot Noir. We try to do without mechanical aids as much as possible and live viticulture as a genuine craft. Man instead of machine or individual passion instead of power is our approach, which gives us a vital soil and an intact biotope with living creatures and plants of all kinds. We process the grapes in the cellar with the same care. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away – unadulterated wine is made from the grapes. Fermentation starts spontaneously, no fining, make-up or pushing in one direction. Thanks to the time factor, we are also able to dispense with unnecessary machinery and fill unfiltered, long-lasting wines with the help of gravity. Our aim is to bring the forces of nature and our energy into the bottle in a pure and tangible way.


For us, craftsmanship is the basis for lively wines that bear an unmistakable signature. But we go one step further. Not only can our own hands come closest to the ideal quality and philosophy of our winery, but the energy and passion with which we practice our craft also resonates in the wines. Machines are faster and do not tire. However, we work more precisely and make individual decisions for each vine, for each individual touch over the years. Time and energy that we are happy to invest, from pruning to cellar work. After all, we want to create wines that touch people. Just as art, music, old crafts and real food trigger feelings and emotions – living happiness from people for people.

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