ORF report 2023: Passionate viticulture in Upper Austria

This ORF report takes you to the idyllic vineyards of Grieskirchen, Upper Austria, where the couple practise their craft with passion and dedication.

Armin Kienesberger has always dreamed of pursuing an agricultural profession in which he is closely involved with his product from start to finish. For him, this means tending the vines, harvesting the grapes and finally pressing the delicious wine. But for Armin and his wife, it goes far beyond mere manual labor – their approach is biodynamic.

In their vineyards, they rely on the power of nature by using natural herbs to protect their vines from pests and diseases. Every drop of wine is the result of a deep respect for the environment and passionate work.

The new brand name “Kienesberger Wein” and the fresh design of the wine labels embody the winemaker’s philosophy: reduction to the essentials, dynamism and a great deal of love for the craft.

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