Crazy Idea – Young History

In 2010, with the urge to produce food, I heard my inner voice and was ready to make a change. The young history of casa amore wine began with the luck of having recognized the signs and the willingness to shift your perspective.

The crazy idea of wanting to produce wines as a career changer in an area not known for viticulture led me to the Krems School of Viticulture.

From stone carver to wine carver

After the exam to become a skilled worker, various internships and Demeter courses, I was the first Upper Austrian to complete my training as a viticulture and cellar master in 2014.

Dream and fresh traces

Without having to follow the safe, well-trodden paths that certainly also need to be questioned, we have the freedom and the courage to be able to trace new paths, to cultivate the relationship between soil, plants, animals and people and to produce food of the highest quality.

My dream that I can live without stopping to keep dreaming. Biodynamic farming began the day our vineyard was planted and we are happy to say that he only knows this type of farming.

Since 2018, our winery has been the only organic and Demeter certified winery in Upper Austria.

Family, the casa and love

The foundation of our winery, from which everything arises. True to the motto “one for all, all for one”, the family manages to join forces and give each other security and support. Compensating for individual weaknesses together gives the feeling of an inexhaustible source of energy, inspiration and motivation.

The focal point is our common home, the casa. A wonderful place that offers the daily dose of vacation and love. A paradise for plants, people and animals. Donkeys, goats, ducks, geese, cats, dogs and the family under the umbrella of love.

casa amore wine – this is where the heart of our biodynamic life beats.