Biodynamics and Demeter

Demeter is the oldest and today the only global organic association. The guidelines for biodynamic farming are considered to be the most comprehensive and strictest in the world. They are based on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical world view and his suggestions for a life-style agriculture almost 100 years ago. Demeter is about man and his relationship to soil, plants and animals and the relationship to himself. Demeter is a way and a setting for living diversity with depth.

In biodynamics, the circular economy is the key to sustainable use of the resources climate, soil, water, air, biodiversity and energy. The farm is seen as an individual living being, everything it needs should be generated from within itself, without needing anything from outside. The bottom is the treasure chest. In order to promote vitality, more is given back than taken. The biodynamic preparations are a central theme and ensure that the humus layer grows continuously. Researching, respecting and mindfully cultivating nature, refining its fruits with love, this is how biodynamic quality is created.

The Garden

Our vineyard is a natural biotope, a living organism. Various grasses, flowers, herbs and also deep-rooted plants thrive next to the vines. These provide the habitat for an unbelievable variety of living beings. From microorganisms to insects to birds. Everyone has their job and entitlement. Whether beneficial or harmful, if the natural opponent is there, nature takes care of itself.

We don’t need systemic synthetic sprays or herbicides. We achieve our approach of strengthening the vines and not fighting disease first through an ecosystem with a living, rooted soil. This regulates the water balance, ensures a variety of microorganisms and a balanced vine.

Fertilizer is made exclusively with our own compost from pomace and the manure from our donkeys and goats.

The cellar

Hand-picked and genuine, the grapes are brought to the cellar.

With the same care, winemaking is reduced to the bare essentials – accompany instead of produce! The fermentation can start spontaneously, we don’t want to push or bend somewhere. Nothing is added or taken away, no finings – no pimping. In this way, the spectrum of aromas from the location and vintage can optimally unfold on the wine.

This is our conception of terroir:
authentic, unvarnished, genuine.


It is our enthusiasm to run a winery of a size where it is possible to design every step yourself, to create food with your own hands over a whole year, which reflects our signature in the bottle. We try to do without mechanical aids as far as possible and live viticulture as a real craft.

With courage and the freedom not to have to copy anything, we want to produce individual wines that we like to drink ourselves.

Our entire operation is organic and Demeter certified.